Thursday, January 26, 2012

Exciting Things Are Happening At Homer Lodge No. 199

Lodge Renovations Have Begun
It's only natural that after 120 years of continual use, there's a few things at Homer Lodge that could use a little attention.  It's been decided that there is no time like the present, and Homer Lodge is slowly being renovated--this effort is being led by Secretary Denver Phelps, WB Dave Harry, and Senior Warden Eric Bensken.  Fortunately, the lodge was built like fortress, and the building as a whole is in very good shape.  Most of the work that needs to be done involves spackle and paint, and a few minor repairs.  The first project was the preparation room, which was in bad need of attention.  The windows were sealed and caulked, the walls were patched and painted, and carpet was installed. 

This will be the big job--the lodge room
Then they went to work in the hallway where they patched and painted, fixed the flourescent lighting, and installed new brass lightswitch plates.  They've even got some stuff up on the bulletin board there.  They also fixed the florescent lighting in the dining area.  I overheard somebody say Saturday at the degree "Maybe we should have left the lights alone in here. I never noticed how bad the paint looks. I guess we're going to have to paint in here as well."

The next area they plan to hit is the Tyler's room.  I'm afraid the days are numbered for that lovely minty green paint.  They were planning on taking all the pictures off the walls over the weekend, and patching and painting this week.

Of course the big job (the really big job) will be the lodge room with its towering ceiling--that's going to be a lot of paint and spackle.

The Homer Lodge Library and Museum
One of the most interesting ideas is to convert the large storage room off the hallway into a library/museum.  There are already some glass display cases in there, and it would be an ideal place to preserve many of the old items that have been stored in cabinets for the past 120 years--not to mention the large collection of books the lodge has in the attic. 

If you'd like to help out, please contact the lodge secretary, Denver Phelps at


Preparation Room with fresh light blue paint

Hallway floor shining, the lights fixed, and fresh paint, too!

Next area to be renovated--the Tyler's Room
say goodbye to that minty green paint . . .

Another shot of the Tyler's Room
We'll post "after" pictures once it's finished

Tyler's Room (before)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2nd Degree

Homer will be having a 2nd degree on Saturday February 21st at 10am.